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Intern Housing

at the Johnson Building
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The Johnson Building Intern Housing Program provides an enriching environment for conservative interns at an affordable price. Conveniently located on the Senate side of Capitol Hill, the Johnson Building is an easy walk to House and Senate office buildings. It is also nearby to Union Station for easy Metro access, making it an ideal location for interns on the Hill and throughout the city.


The Johnson Building boasts a fabulous team of resident advisors who are passionate about investing in the interns that live on their floor and throughout the building. They frequently open their apartments to interns for dinner, floor breakfasts, football watching, as well as being available for conversation, mentorship, and career advice. The RA team has a range of professional backgrounds, including doctoral and graduate degrees, experience working on Capitol Hill and in the White House, as well as various non-profits. Their passion to help interns succeed both in and out of the office complements the internship experience.



Living in the Johnson Building as an intern is the easiest and most fun way of making instant friends during your first few days in Washington, D.C. These are friends that could last for a lifetime. I still stay in touch and spend time with friends I made in the Johnson Building in 2010. Living there gave me a good foundation from which to branch out, meet new people, get involved outside of my internship, and set up roots in D.C. But nothing could replace that foundation--belonging to D.C. from day one.
-- Emily Goff, 2010 intern at The Heritage Foundation
I loved living in the Johnson Building! At college it could be hard being constantly surrounded by people who had a different political viewpoint than my own. At the Johnson Building, however, I got to spend all my time with intelligent, ambitious, well-spoken young conservatives like myself. Truly, I think some of my best connections in DC were made while living here.
-- Sally Platt, 2013 intern at The Heritage Foundation